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advanced health

We are a cryotherapy and recovery centre.

We specialise in cold therapy and other modalities that help people reduce inflammation, improve circulation, recover from injury or sporting activity at a rapid rate.

Our services can help people to train harder and perform to their full potential.

We are currently offering Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localised Cryotherapy, Compression Therapy, along with some beauty services. We will be adding to these services very soon, so keep an eye out.

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We provide Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for the whole body. Our highly qualified staff have completed extensive Post Graduate education in order to provide contemporary, quality, evidence based management that is well blended with years of clinical experience to achieve the best outcome.

Our “hands-on” approach and diagnosis, is mixed with targeted exercise prescription, rehabilitation and injury prevention; covering all ages and levels of activity, from the elite through to the social athlete.

The Knee Joint Sports Physiotherapy is the only Physiotherapy practice on the Sunshine Coast with two Specialist Sports Physiotherapists, as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy.

In addition, all of our other specialist staff have completed, or are completing, further Post Graduate training in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Our staff members have extensive experience in Elite Sports Physiotherapy, being involved with the Australian Socceroos, Australian Wallabies, Sunshine Coast Lighting Netball and the Brisbane Bullets Basketball teams.

In addition, The Knee Joint Sports Physiotherapy has numerous relationships with an extensive variety of national, state, regional and community level sporting clubs and organisations.

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advanced health

At the Social Studio we specialise in all things social! We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of special interest groups, activities and support for families that have children and teens living with Autism, ADHD or anyone that is socially isolated. From interactive technology, movement, yoga to art and chess groups we’re sure your family will find something fun to immerse themselves in! See you soon.

0459 955 300

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Are you pain-free, performing all the activities you would like to, and living your best life?

The team at Physically Active Kawana believes you should be, and we have been helping South-East Queenslanders improve their quality of life since 2012. Our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists are registered through Medicare Australia and have completed a minimum 4-year university degree studying human physiology and exercise science.

We believe movement is medicine and leading a physically active lifestyle is key to achieving your euphoria.

Exercise Physiologists work synergistically with other professions within the allied health community such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Dietitians, and Myotherapists; all of which you will find on the ground floor of The Sports Hub Kawana (the later 3 professions within the Physically Active suite).

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advanced health

Whether you are recovering from sports, getting back on your feet after illness, recovering from jet-lag or pro-actively giving your body an immune system boost, Sunshine Coast Infusion Therapies are professionals that offer pro-active and functional wellness solutions to keep your body at peak performance.

Located at the Sports Hub facility on the Sunshine Coast, our beautiful clinic is designed for the ultimate comfort and delivery of our iv blends. Sit, relax and our team will monitor your infusion and provide exceptional and medically professional service.

We are registered practitioners with over 30 years in the medical/wellness space.

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Our purpose at Advanced Health Pain Injury & Spinal Clinic is to thoroughly approach each and every patient to give you a better understanding of your health concerns. Osteopaths are not just limited to treatment of the spine or rehab, but focus on all areas of the body including joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Our Osteopathic Doctors are government registered health professionals who complete a minimum 5 year university double degree training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medicine, and osteopathic techniques.

Advanced Health has been established for over 11 years on the Sunshine Coast and work alongside GP’s, Sports medicine doctors, Orthopaedic surgeons, and have the ability to refer for X-rays, MRI’s and imaging should they be required.

We take a more thorough look at the biomechanics of your body and piece together why your problem has occurred in the first place, whist treating the presenting issues.

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advanced health

If you’re putting 100% into your training and still not reaching your performance goals or often feeling fatigued or getting injured or sick, then you’re probably haven’t focused on your recovery enough.

Performing at your best isn’t just about the quality of the sports training that you do, but also the quality of your recovery.

Using optimal recovery techniques can help you to recovery faster following competition and training, train harder and more frequently and therefore, obtain greater improvements in performance over time. They can also reduce fatigue and your risk of injury and illness, so in a nutshell… maximise the ‘bang for your buck’ from your training!

The Recovery Room can help you achieve your performance goals regardless of your sport through a holistic approach to recovery through the following services;
• Recovery, sleep and travel education seminars
• Sleep consultations and monitoring
• Bespoke travel plans
• Cold and hot water therapy
• Normatec compression therapy
• Infrared sauna
• Mobility zone

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What you fuel your body with can be the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete. Steph is an Accredited Sports Dietitian; owner of Perform Dietetics and specialises in providing evidence-based sports nutrition advice to all athletes, ranging from beginner to elite. Steph works with some of the nations best Olympic-level athletes and is currently working with a number of high performance associations including Swimming Australia, Queensland Academy of Sport, University of the Sunshine Coast and the Australian Paralympic Swim Team.

Steph will integrate the very best in sports nutrition science and deliver practical and valuable information to help athletes train more effectively, recover faster and ultimately perform better on competition day.

Some of the services Perform Dietetics can provide to sporting teams at The Sports Hub:

0432 202 826

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Stay Elite

Own Your Reality at Stay Elite
We specialise in unlocking human potential. Everybody has the capacity to grow, and we are here to help you. Whether it is phycological, physical, spiritual or a combination of them all. We can help – Mind, Body and Soul.

Stay Elite has a unique range of offerings to help you grow and reveal your best self:

Payne Relief Massage Specialists of Integrated Body Work – with over 20 years of experience working with injuries and solution driven techniques.
Structural Realignment
Powerful Hypnotherapy
Coaching Strategising Consulting
Mental Performance
Magnesium Float Bath
Private Steam Infusions
Roman Bath
Australian Massage
Traditional Finnish Sauna
Ultimate Fighter Balm
Stay Elite Loyalty Rewards

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Stay Elite is a space for you to center yourself, enhance your performance, achieve the next level, reach your goals, and stay at the top of your game. Regardless of where you are presently, and what you do in life, business, or sport.

Improve Your Performance ™ and Feel Good Now ™ have been the motivation in creating Stay Elite. It is our goal to support you in being the best version of yourself, and the champion of your journey.

0421 005 008

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Stay Elite – Created by Troy Payne Founder and Director , @australianmassage ™, and the latest product GODS HAND ™ from The Ultimate Fighter Balm ™ Range. Troy has been helping people within the health, wellness, mindfulness, and performance industry since 2002.

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