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The Sports Hub Sunshine Coast invites guests to choose from our exciting range of optional activities.
Kawana is the ideal location to discover the excitement and diversity of the coast.

The community hub & Sunshine Coast fitness centre can assist with the planning of your itinerary and book local activities and attractions.

Rockit - The Sunshine Coast's Biggest Climbing Gym

*Bouldering *Top Roping *Auto Belays* Lead

At Rockit, we like to know what your goals are and how we can help you achieve them. Oh, by the way, we’re the best place to do that—and people just like you, have already experienced the kinds of things you hope to achieve at our facility.
Rockit is specifically designed to accommodate varying levels of experience and fitness from first timers to seasoned regulars. Our team of trained staff will introduce you to this invigorating, adrenaline-filled sport that we are so passionate about.
With 21 unique walls to choose from, there are plenty of climbs for everyone.

No age limits! No time limits! No need to book!

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big boing

The Big Boing - Indoor Trampoline

Fly through the Air. Rebound off the walls. Slam dunk like a Pro. Over 50 interconnected trampolines that offer some serious fun for the whole family.
Challenge your friends on the ninja warrior course.

We have a toddler area with slides and ball pit for children under 110cm also.

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Canoeing with have fun tours

When it comes to Sunshine Coast activities canoeing rates amongst the best. Canoeing is an excellent way to exercise, sightsee, nature watch and enjoy the waterways. Grab your canoe and get out there and allow the sounds of nature to embrace you.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding - SUP with ocean addicts

Stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular for many good reasons. As well as being good for your fitness, paddle boarding is heaps of fun! Stand up paddle boarding is very easy to do any can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and any fitness level.

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Mountain Biking by have fun tours

Have Fun Tours was started from a love of mountain biking and ready access to local forest and trails. Our main tour guide, Johnboy, has been riding this area for years and is passionate about showing the beauty of the natural scenery to all.

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mountain biking

laser tag

Laser zone - laser Tag

Laser Tag is a high-tech sport where players wearing computerised vests or packs and handheld “phasers” attempt to achieve a winning score by tagging opponent players, base stations and other targets within an exciting playing arena with fog and lighting effects.

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Corporate Team Building at be challenged

Be Challenged transforms individuals into great collaborators and more effective team players, helping businesses grow while developing their people.

Be Challenged’s key product partnerships ensure we remain the industry leaders in delivering the latest in experiential team building programs and training workshops. We do this for all group sizes, creating tailored concepts to suit the client’s specific objectives. By using tried and tested philosophies such as DiSC, 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team and The Extraordinary Leader to name a few, we provide tools and takeaways for your people to continue to develop.

We work hard each day to inspire people to deliver extraordinary results through the potential of team!

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team building

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